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The Beginning


In 2020, my husband, Jay, and I purchased 60 acres of compact soil, an abandoned gravel pit and a sea of 6 foot noxious weeds tucked on the banks of the Clark Fork River near Missoula, MT.  It hardly resembled a farm. Over grazed, under watered, buried trash, caved-in roofs, and multiple generations of work undone, the land begged for help. It wasn’t always in such disrepair. Owned by our neighbors for 3 generations, it was once used as a family farm complete with several homes, a prolific spring for irrigation, livestock, vegetables, and native vegetation. With most of their family gone or passed, it sadly became too costly and burdensome for our neighbors to maintain.  Jay and I took the torch and the seeds of ReWild Ranch were sown.

As a graduate student, I learned how industrial agriculture was and remains the biggest environmental threat to our planet.  I also explored how strengthening local food systems can boost local economies, increase food security, repair depleted soil and ecosystems, foster community, and improve public health.  Twenty years later, these concepts germinate at ReWild.

I became a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner after my middle son, Alder, was diagnosed with autism (more on that HERE). We used food to help restore his health and he lost his clinical diagnosis 3 years later.  I see so many people suffer from chronic health conditions like Alder, many of which could be prevented or significantly improved with diet and lifestyle modifications.  I help people learn how to take their health into their own hands.  Coming to ReWild offers guests an opportunity to connect to food, nature and each other and see the ways in which regenerative agriculture not only transformed the landscape at our farm but has the potential to positively influence their own lives.

As a Regenerative Farmer, I see the potential of small family farms to improve soil health which conserves precious natural resources and addresses our Climate Crisis from a pragmatic, grassroots perspective.  I understand how healthy soil remains critical for cultivating nutrient dense food.  I recognize how a thriving local foodshed infuses local economies by keeping dollars close. I acknowledge the ways in which providing access to locally grown food addresses social injustice. These and other concepts surrounding ecological, economic and social justice issues flourish at ReWild.  

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To connect people to food, nature + each other and to improve public health and the health of the planet through regenerative agriculture.


Through our commitment to regenerative agriculture, education, and advocacy, we strive to cultivate a future where thriving people and a thriving planet are the most cherished assets guiding humanity toward a prosperous and thriving tomorrow.  


Although just getting started, ReWild knows exactly where we're going.  Our food, water and energy independent farmstead intends to offer fun, experiential learning opportunities that promote community, understanding, equity and justice centered around practices that promote your health and the health of the planet.  It is our goal that when you leave ReWild, you are better than when you arrived and can return to your home with the ability to make a more positive impact on your health, the health of your family, your community and the environment. Stay tuned for updates and events! 

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